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Short video content is key to 2022 marketing strategies

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Of all the social media marketing tactics, short video content delivers the best return. Consider these tips when incorporating them into your marketing mix.

TikTok and Instagram Reels have redefined the way we consume video content. Platforms, which show users short and succinct information video contentoffer more than just personal entertainment, they also provide marketers with a powerful tool to drive brand engagement and marketing returns.

According to HubSpot’s recent 2022 Marketing Trends Survey, short video has the best return on investment of any social media marketing strategy, so prioritizing it will prove key to marketing success in the coming year. That said, marketers should first know a few key things about short video and how to use it strategically if they hope to give consumers what they want.

Short Video Basics

Although there is no standard length for short videos, anything less than a few minutes generally qualifies. In today’s world, however, “short form” most often refers to fast-paced TikTok-style content that is meant to be consumed quickly and easily. The idea is that users only have to spend a few moments with the content, so it should be engaging from start to finish.

Trends also influence how marketers can create and share short video content, but these trends change all the time – usually every three to five days — to create the most relevant and engaging content, you have to stay up to date. Popular trends often revolve around viral audio clips, TikTok dances, editing effects and transitions, so marketers need to be regularly engaged on these platforms to understand what is most popular and how that might fit into their brand strategy.

The marketing benefits of short video

Short video is obviously popular, but why does it strategically make sense to incorporate it into your marketing efforts?

There are a few reasons. First, it’s easy for your audience to connect. Short video content translates to authentic and relevant, and if marketers can communicate these sentiments through abbreviated brand content, consumers are more likely to see the brand as genuine. It also attracts attention and highly shareable. More than that, however, it forces marketers to condense their messages into a shorter time frame, making the content easier for consumers to digest.

How to integrate short video into your strategy

With that in mind, marketers who are ready to make short video a valuable strategic tool in their marketing arsenal can use the following tips to get started:

  1. Adapt your video content to each platform.
    In today’s world, sharing the same content across platforms using the same message just doesn’t work. Consumers expect to see strategic content tailored to each platform. So be sure to customize your short video for each platform you plan to share it on. A video that looks like it was created to be a TV commercial won’t perform well on TikTok, and vice versa.
  2. Focus on authenticity.
    As mentioned above, short video is a great way to share brand messages in an authentic way. Viewers on short-video platforms want to feel like they really connect with a brand’s content, so they won’t react well when the content seems fake or overproduced. Don’t be afraid to let your guard down and show the real, raw side of your brand. When you do, you increase the chances that consumers will find a stronger connection with your content – ​​and turn that connection into brand engagements later.
  3. Engage with trends quickly and thoughtfully.
    If you plan to share short videos that capitalize on a current TikTok dance or editing style, make sure your video is made and posted quickly. This content isn’t designed to be perfect, and you don’t have time to sort through every detail if you want the content to stay relevant. Trends have a short life cycle and will fade quickly. If you share short videos based on an outdated trend, viewers will see you as disconnected from their viewing habits and preferences, and the video will lose all of its marketing value.
  4. Share educational content.
    The short video is great for sharing product demos and use cases, how-to videos, and other educational content. Some brands worry that educational content is too dry for marketing messages, but that’s certainly not the case for videos shared on TikTok and Instagram Reels. In fact, consumers of these platforms are actually looking for educational content, so it’s a good strategic decision. Work to understand what your audience members might need or want to know about your brand or industry, and provide them with information they can use to move forward.
  5. Don’t focus on selling.
    Finally, and in the same vein, don’t create short videos that drive consumers to buy. This type of content is much more about connecting and building relationships than selling. So be careful not to treat your short video content as product announcements. As you strengthen your connection with consumers, your audience will remember your brand when making a purchase.

Short video has the power to connect you with your target audience in a new and relevant way. It allows you to build connection and trust, which leads consumers to engage and build loyalty with your brand. If you haven’t yet incorporated short video content into your marketing, now is the time. Watch and see how quickly you reap the benefits.

Written by Hope Horner.

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