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SchoolMint Launches Student Recruitment and Digital Marketing Solution for K-12 Schools

SchoolMint Launches Student Recruitment and Digital Marketing Solution for K-12 Schools

SchoolMint Engage provides microsites, SEO services and online reputation management platform

LAFAYETTE, Louisiana, March 15, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–SchoolMint®the leading provider of strategic enrollment management solutions for K-12 education, today announced the launch of SchoolMint get involveda revolutionary digital marketing solution to help K-12 schools attract and enroll more students.

SchoolMint Engage uses a three-pronged approach to increasing enrollment through digital marketing: a personalized enrollment microsite, SEO services, and online reputation management. Additionally, this new service offering includes search marketing and social media advertising. Integrating all of these marketing tactics on a single platform provides schools with a “one-stop shop” for essential resources to implement enrollment strategies.

“As a leader in strategic pre-K-12 enrollment management, we work closely with our clients to help them build and optimize their enrollment process; it starts with attracting families,” said Bryan MacDonald, CEO of SchoolMint. “SchoolMint Engage uses a revolutionary approach to marketing for schools. It simplifies the complex and time-consuming work of marketing and connecting with families and prospective students into one integrated, streamlined solution while providing the tools and techniques to maximize the effectiveness of these marketing and awareness efforts.”

SchoolMint Engage is the latest addition to the company’s strategic enrollment management suite, expanding its ability to help schools attract and enroll more families and students. SchoolMint Engage strategically integrates marketing and recruiting with the SchoolMint Connect family engagement and lead management solution and the SchoolMint Enroll student enrollment platform. Together, they provide a best-in-class, end-to-end marketing, recruiting, and enrollment solution for K-12 schools.

“Most schools are not equipped with the marketing and recruiting resources and expertise to effectively compete with surrounding schools. SchoolMint Engage helps schools position and promote their schools, and connect effectively with families to grow and support registrations,” added MacDonald. “By integrating the marketing, recruiting and enrollment processes into one streamlined solution, we can help our customers overcome these challenges. For many schools and districts, this will be a game-changer when it comes to fiscal sustainability and equal opportunities for schools and neighborhoods.”

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