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IIT Delhi’s Certificate Program in Digital Marketing will help you build effective digital strategies

IIT Delhi's Certificate Program in Digital Marketing will help you build effective digital strategies

If you work in marketing, you’ll know that the way to attract, engage and retain consumers has changed dramatically in today’s dynamic times. This is happening because the 21st century consumer is a digital native consumer and playing by very different rules. It is not surprising that in 2021, according to
Forbes, the advertising market was driven by digital media, particularly social media, search and video. And according to Analytics Insight, 2020, India will have 1 billion internet users by 2025. All of this confirms what many of us already know: digital marketing is the most relevant, creative and the most profitable today. More and more businesses are investing heavily in digital marketing and hiring digital marketing experts to build awareness of their brands, increase sales of their products and services, and create meaningful, ongoing conversations with prospects.

The growth shows no signs of stopping. According to Exchange4Media 2021, digital media will grow at a CAGR of 22.47% to reach 23,673 crores by 2022. And according to Management Consultant
RedSeerIndia’s digital advertising market will reach $35 billion by 2030.

So how do you succeed in this area?


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All of these innovations make digital marketing a very exciting role in today’s market. But success depends on acquiring new-age strategies and in-demand skills that prepare you for the industry. If you’re wondering where to start,
IIT Delhi Digital Marketing Program is the answer. This 6-month online program in digital marketing will help you take the next step in your career.

Taught via online sessions, you will gain an end-to-end understanding of the digital marketing landscape. You will also learn how to use analytics to improve the customer journey, manage engaging campaigns, and maximize ROI. In addition to digital marketing skills, the program will also help you master the basics of management and marketing, allowing you to put your learnings into context and accelerate your career aspirations.

Content is half the equation. The other half is the learning experience.

When you enroll in the program, you will learn at one of the top ranked institutes in India. The pedagogy is rich and contemporary, combining live online sessions and recorded videos interspersed with real case studies. You will also gain industry-focused insights from leading professors at IIT Delhi and participate in peer-to-peer learning, which will help you expand your professional network.

It works best for those whose job it is to acquire and retain customers.

If you want to learn on-demand digital marketing strategies to acquire and retain more consumers, you have a better chance of becoming an agile, future-ready digital marketer by joining this program. the
Certificate Program in Digital Marketing is particularly recommended for:

  • Final-year graduates and new graduates looking to be market-ready by learning in-demand digital marketing skills for lucrative career opportunities
  • Early Professionals Working or Aspiring to Work in Digital Marketing Roles
  • Marketing/Sales/Product/Brand Managers interested in transitioning into digital marketing roles by improving their skills in high-impact, data-driven digital marketing strategies
  • Professionals who want to enrich their strategic mindset with new-age digital marketing concepts and skills
  • Consultants, business owners and entrepreneurs looking to apply digital marketing best practices for business expansion and growth

What will you remember from this program?

Being a smart, informed and agile digital marketer in today’s world involves many facets. This program is for everyone by helping you to:

  • Learn the basics of marketing
  • Appreciate modern consumer psychology
  • Grab drivers from a good brand
  • Acquire a strategic mind
  • Learn from executives to plan media and optimize budgets
  • Master the planning and execution of SEO, digital advertising and social media marketing
  • Create winning and marketable content
  • Continuously improve performance by analyzing and monitoring data

The program is anchored in a cutting-edge curriculum designed to provide you with marketing essentials such as segmentation, targeting and positioning, as well as integrated marketing communications, brand essentials such as identity and branding. brand architecture, as well as a comprehensive digital marketing repertoire including strategy, operations, media planning and content creation. This means you learn at multiple levels and achieve full proficiency.


Key points to remember about IIT Delhi Digital Marketing Program

  • Duration: 6 months
  • Format: live online sessions and recorded videos
  • Program fee: INR 55,000 + GST

Join now, boost your career and help your business grow with digital marketing!

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