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HungerRush acquires 9Fold, an omnichannel ordering software and online digital marketing company

HungerRush acquires 9Fold, an omnichannel ordering software and online digital marketing company

By adding 9Fold’s digital marketing and omnichannel ordering solutions to the HungerRush platform, restaurants will be able to provide their customers with online direct ordering capabilities through a branded mobile experience. 9 times Complete track solution is a customer-focused digital marketing software application that increases customer loyalty and engagement through direct emails and text messages.

“Adding 9Fold to our portfolio of innovative omnichannel digital ordering offerings will allow our customers to grow their businesses by knowing their customers better,” said Perry Turbes, CEO of HungerRush. “This acquisition will help the restaurant industry move further away from reliance on third-party delivery providers. 9Fold engages customers with a marketing-focused website that helps them cut unnecessary costs and access customer data and insights to better market to their customers.

Nich Nusha 9Fold customer and Mediterranean vegetarian restaurant that relied heavily on takeout and delivery throughout the pandemic, was able to phase out its third-party delivery service in favor of drop-shipping using 9Fold .

“9Fold’s FullRail has helped us easily re-engage our customers with simple yet effective promotions so our customers always have a reason to order from us,” said Shai Sudai, managing partner and co-owner of Nish Nush. “The 9Fold solution helped us convert around 30% of third-party app customers and as a result we saved between 15-30% on orders.”

The 9Fold solution can be up and running in less than 48 hours, allowing restaurants to quickly begin taking orders directly from end customers, helping them reduce costs and regain control of their own marketing and customer relationships. Thus, restaurateurs can convert and retain their customers over the long term.

“The combination of HungerRush and 9Fold provides the industry with the omnichannel ordering technologies that restaurants need more than ever,” said Matthew Volpe, CEO of 9Fold. “What makes this next chapter so exciting is that by joining the HungerRush family, we are marrying the offsite digital ordering experience with onsite ordering and loyalty. This comprehensive offering will be a game-changer for restaurant operations, as well as the overall customer experience.”

About 9 times
9Fold enables restaurants to generate online revenue internally by providing digital tools that allow brands of all sizes to compete at the enterprise level. 9Fold’s custom branded online ordering system combined with our proprietary FullRail marketing system uses real-time customer order data through sophisticated email, SMS/MMS and gamification campaigns. We convert, engage and delight customers on behalf of our restaurant partners, from conception to implementation – fully managed and monitored for success.

About HungerRush
HungerRush offers an all-in-one point-of-sale software platform for the modern digital restaurant. HungerRush empowers the restaurant to own the relationship with its customer by harnessing operational efficiency, easily creating impressive customer experiences, and leveraging customer transactional data for every drop of information. Easy-to-use, highly configurable all-in-one platform includes multi-channel digital ordering (e.g. online ordering, mobile app ordering, SMS ordering), loyalty and rewards, point point of sale, tablet POS, digital signage, delivery and support management, on-the-go and curbside communications, contactless capabilities and reporting. For more information, visit

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