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How to Boost Pizza Sales with Foolproof Marketing Tactics

How to drive pizza sales with fool-proof marketing tactics

The pizza industry is competitive, but the right marketing tactics can give your business a bigger slice of the pie. How well prepared is your pizzeria to attract new customers and create enthusiastic fans?

| by Jessica Bryant — Vice President, Marketing at NCR Corporation, NCR Company

The pizza business is competitive, but the right marketing tactics can give your business a bigger slice of the pie. Let’s look at a few ways to attract new customers and build enthusiastic fans.

Use your technological tools

The right tools may be right under your nose in the existing solutions you use to run your business. The best point-of-sale solutions, for example, handle more than just transactions. They allow you to identify, understand and engage your most valuable customers.

Take stock of your tech stack and ensure you have a Swiss army knife point of sale that can fulfill traditional functions as well as data management, loyalty, and consumer marketing needs.

Go digital with your loyalty program

With a fully integrated digital loyalty program, customers’ purchases can be tracked through their profile, allowing you to examine customers’ shopping preferences and habits. Do they like the extra garlic sauce? Pepperoni on the side? Crispy crust? This type of data forms the basis for personalized offers.

For example, Roots Pizza uses its mobile app to seamlessly enroll users into its loyalty program, as well as integrate push messaging into a communication channel to reach customers with promotions or other notices.

You can also use this information for a more targeted approach to your mailing list. Your point of sale gives you the tools you need to identify frequent customers and their contact information. This data may be used to distribute marketing information about your pizzeria, special offers or new menu items.

SMS offers and other messages

Businesses are sending more and more text messages to their customers and enjoying a high success rate, why not try it in your pizzeria? When emails are sent, about 20% of them are read. By contrast, 83% of millennials surveyed in a survey focused on customer experience read their text messages in less than 90 seconds.

Texting gives your brand a simple and inexpensive option to increase brand awareness and loyalty. Don’t overdo it.

Consider limiting your messages to once a week. You will be more likely to see your company’s customer retention rate increase. During off-peak hours, sending a quick message with a discount code can help generate business when you need it most. You can also ask for feedback on their experience by sending out a quick survey to understand what needs improvement and what is working well.

Enjoy the power of a digital community

There is nothing more powerful than referrals and recommendations. This can be achieved the traditional way, but establishing a digital presence and leveraging the power of social media will help reach an even wider audience.

According to Datareportal, there are 4.48 billion social media users worldwide, or almost 57% of the population. Of these users, 3 out of 4 used Facebook to make decisions about restaurants, based on reviews and images shared by other users. Food and beverage brands also dominate Twitter with a 32% share of tweets.

And with the most Instagrammed food being pizza, you have the opportunity to build a solid list of followers and build a solid virtual connection no matter how you slice it.

Increasing your brand awareness and customer loyalty through social media doesn’t have to be a difficult process. After defining your goals and social channels, investing in social media management software tools will help you manage the campaign. Additionally, productivity is increased in four key areas: content creation, content sharing, social media management, and social media analytics. Plus, integrating a social media calendar and scheduling apps will help your team stay organized and track the best times to post for optimal engagement.

Now you are ready for success

Promoting your restaurant doesn’t have to be expensive to be successful. Chances are you already have most of the tools you need to get up and running. Using customer data collected by your restaurant’s POS system and having an active and engaging social media presence are easy ways to build awareness of your business and build customer loyalty.