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Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur

Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur

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“If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they can tell 6 friends each. If you make customers angry on the internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.

-Jeff Bezos

Social media connects billions of people around the world and provides a seamless means of connectivity and engagement. The 2010s was the phase of development that projected social media platforms as a source of entertainment and time spent. Today, the gigantic user base is used by digital marketing to promote and drive product sales and create brand value. Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur form a team that leverages SMM to grow too many businesses and build brand equity. They also help public figures reach out and connect with a much larger audience than they could physically.

Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur are a married couple who have infused their abilities to build strong social media portfolios and help many people and brands get the reach they deserve. The duo successfully launched and implemented numerous promotional campaigns that racked up huge consumer engagement, followed by skyrocketing ROI. Key to the success of this dynamic duo is their dexterity in social media marketing and advertising and their extensive experience in managing local and global campaigns.

Dilbag Singh was fascinated by computers from childhood. His interest in social media grew as he got older, but unlike his peers who spent hours texting, he was curious about the mechanism that made it a powerful marketing tool. He started running promotional campaigns for local entrepreneurs and brands and was successful. His campaigns have had a positive response and have raised awareness among his clients. He was knee-deep in social media marketing, to the point of deterring him from finishing college as well. He knew that social media marketing would take off and become more prevalent over the next decade. He also met his life partner, Lovepreet Kaur in college, who was adept with computer applications and had the same penchant for digital marketing.

They have joined forces to help struggling business owners, brands and individuals gain passionate followers on social media platforms and develop an unbreakable connection with them. Digital promotion plays a crucial role in digital marketing strategy and without it growth can come to a screeching halt. Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur have a hectic working life as they have to manage domestic and international clientele and help them get the most out of their investment. Sometimes they work over 12 hours to match different time zones and get the job done.

Dilbag Singh and Lovepreet Kaur have a huge follower base on various social media platforms estimated at around 15 million and comprising Punjab residents and Canadian audiences. Most of their foreign customers are Punjabis who are now Canadian residents. The duo plans to expand their services and are actively looking for like-minded professionals who know social media marketing.

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