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Delta Media leverages automation and AI to create a new all-in-one digital marketing platform based on real estate CRM

Delta Media leverages automation and AI to create a new all-in-one digital marketing platform based on real estate CRM

Preview of the webinar in preview for April 13, 2022

CANTON, Ohio, April 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Delta Media Groupone of the largest providers of real estate technology solutions in the United States for brokers, today announced the upcoming launch of an all-in-one digital marketing platform based on next-generation CRM, available this fall .

In September, Delta Media will launch its new DeltaNET 7 technology which leverages automation and artificial intelligence to create “the most customizable and automated all-in-one platform on the market”. Registration is open for a preview webinar on April 13 at 2:00 p.m. ET here (

For the first time, large real estate brokerage clients can create and design their own all-in-one platform, complete with branding and custom brokerage functionality. The breakthrough of DeltaNET 7 enables custom design and navigation down to the button, which brokerages will all control.

Delta Media has reinvested over $40 million in its technology offerings. Family-owned and profitable for more than 25 years, Delta is recognized as one of the most stable companies among leading real estate technology providers.

“DeltaNET 7 is a game-changer,” said Michael Minard, CEO and owner of Delta Media. “We will launch the easiest to use, most automated CRM solution – and more importantly, the deepest customization available – to give brokers their own all-in-one platform that they or they control, which makes it completely unique from what their competitors are using,” he added.

With DeltaNET 7, brokerages will also be able to design specific “roles” that provide a personalized experience for each agent, based on the technology tools used by each agent.

In addition to the universal style, DeltaNET 7 offers a mobile-centric and customizable workflow that eliminates “endless scrolling”. Brokers can also create specific training courses through Delta Academy for their custom DeltaNET 7 platforms.

“With DeltaNET 7, our highly successful integrations, automation, and artificial intelligence will be enabled by default. So instead of asking real estate brokers what technology tools they want to use, we’ll provide them with a data-driven success model so they can to choose what they want to customize,” says Minard. “It will help companies do more business in less time, using data analytics that only the biggest tech companies can provide.”

DeltaNET 7 is also fully integrated with Delta websites, featuring patent-pending SEO, the Delta Academy training system, as well as its full suite of digital marketing tools, including Ad Wizard, Local Showings, Properties in Motion and Open House Connector.

New CMA technical tool

The launch of DeltaNET 7 will also introduce a new “two-click” market benchmarking or CMA tool, delta location.

“While most brokerages want an all-in-one solution, others just want a tool to complement their technology stack for agents. That’s why Delta Media is now all-in-one when you need it. want, best-in-class when you don’t – when you only need one superior technology solution that we offer,” added Minard.

Delta’s new CMA offer, delta location, has a rapid build platform allowing agents to create a “beautiful CMA in just two clicks,” Minard explained. “delta location is more than a CMA builder; it’s a complete presentation builder.”

Once an agent enters a property address, delta location automatically extracts all the data it needs to create a digital CMA, providing a “flip book” link that agents can share with their clients. An integrated delta location The feature gives an agent the ability to automatically initiate a Zoom video call to share and review the CMA with a customer.

Delta Media will deploy delta location in May and will start piloting DeltaNET 7 this summer. The scheduled full launch for DeltaNET 7 is in September.

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