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ClickDo Reveals SEO and Marketing Strategies Leading to Most Innovative SEO Consulting Award 2021

ClickDo Reveals SEO and Marketing Strategies Leading to Most Innovative SEO Consulting Award 2021

– ClickDo Ltd. wins SME News Greater London Awards 2021 for being the most innovative SEO consultancy

– ClickDo shares some of its innovative SEO and marketing strategies helping the business thrive during the pandemic

– ClickDo remains one of the highest rated SEO agencies in the UK

LONDON, October 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Digital Marketing Agency ClickDo Ltd. recently won the prestigious SME News Greater London Award for being the most innovative SEO consultancy in 2021. To celebrate this achievement, the agency, now in its 8and year of providing SEO and marketing services to London and UK businesses reveal some unique strategies they’ve used to stay on top during the pandemic.

Challenges for ClickDo during the pandemic

When the first nationwide lockdown hit, some of ClickDo’s SEO clients paused their projects as they focused on cutting costs. Due to the uncertainty many businesses were facing, clients who were counting on business to resume have decided to halt their SEO work until further notice. This, in turn, meant that ClickDo had to react very quickly as its ongoing SEO mandates were halted for an unknown period of time.

This is where ClickDo showed its innovation and adaptability, which was recognized by the SME research team to win the award based on criteria such as customer engagement, innovation, business growth. company, online reputation, customer feedback and company performance. Particular attention has been paid to how small businesses have managed to adapt and diversify their offerings and processes by finding new ways to meet economic demands due to nationwide shutdowns.

The SEO and Marketing Strategies That Kept ClickDo Going On

The ClickDo team had little time to plan and very quickly changed their strategy after SEO clients put their projects on hold. They decided to focus more on other SEO services such as link building, guest posting, and press postings for clients to attract new or different customers who might be less affected by the shutdowns. They researched emerging keywords based on changes in customer behavior and focused on publishing relevant, SEO-optimized blog content to rank customer websites and their own business websites higher. on search engines.

For example, the online guide ClickDo Make Money ranked in the top positions of the SERPs for high-traffic keywords such as “make money from home” as more people worked remotely. or in isolation. Such content has attracted different clients who mainly work in the digital realm where many operations were shifting and continuing during the shutdowns. This generated more leads which brought new clients to their digital marketing services. ClickDo also invested in its media department and further developed and marketed its online magazines such as the London business news blogthe British news magazineor the UK education news blog.

It reacted to new trends by launching more environmental news blogs and UK business listing sites to help businesses gain greater online visibility. Running paid Google ads and targeting customer groups that were still performing well during the pandemic resulted in more conversions. These tailored marketing and SEO strategies have helped them continue their business activities and branch out into other areas.

The secret to top reviews from customers and industry experts

ClickDo is also among the top three rated marketing agencies in London brought to you by They continue to receive top reviews from customers and industry experts, which means a lot to ClickDo.

Founder and CEO of ClickDo, Fernando Raymondwelcomed the award nomination and ratings with the following statement:

“We are extremely proud to win the SME award for our innovative approach to SEO consulting. Since the pandemic outbreak, the ClickDo team has worked hard to continue delivering outstanding SEO services and has adapted to the changing times. changing landscape and client needs by providing personalized options and advice for SEO and marketing of client companies.ClickDo has also expanded into the public relations and publications sector, offering press release services and publications tailored including CEO interviews and business features as well as company listings etc. As more services and businesses move online, we believe there is a growing demand for SEO in relation to the media and publishing services. We congratulate the winners and the companies that have made it through this period difficult and are honored to be recognized with many successes London companies. But special thanks go to our loyal and trusted customers who have stayed with us and who reward us with their best reviews.”

About ClickDo Ltd.

ClickDo Ltd. is a highly rated integrated digital marketing agency in London, offering SEO and marketing consulting services. His Search Engine Optimization focuses on keyword research and analysis for clients to achieve higher SERP rankings for their business websites and blogs. Apart from SEO, the company offers a variety of additional services to successfully establish a strong online business presence, such as web design services, guest posting services, press release services, citation services and link building and web hosting service support.


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