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Chatbots and Social Media: An Alliance Made in Marketing Heaven

Chatbots and Social Media: An Alliance Made in Marketing Heaven

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Today’s customer expectations can be difficult to meet. Increasingly, consumers want – and expect – personalization or tailored experiences designed with their preferences in mind. They also want to protect their privacy and prefer to control the types of data that websites, apps, etc. collect about them. Not to mention the increase in privacy regulations from the federal level down to major players in the data gathering.

The silver lining, however, is that today’s customer actually prefers to tell you what they want, providing even deeper data than some of the usual information that has become marketing practice to collect. In fact, 89% of consumers want to connect with brands using messaging. Armed with the right tool to evolve your conversation skills, this method – called conversational marketing automation – can boost lead acquisition, increase sales, and improve customer experience (and therefore brand loyalty).

How Chatbots Enable Conversational Marketing

Spectrm, a leading conversational marketing platform, is full of case studies showing the success brands can achieve with chatbots. It makes sense: on the one hand, customers receive their personalized responses in a timely manner, which corresponds to their expectations on demand; on the other hand, brands reap the unique advantage of receiving the data directly. A for-profit solution should meet the needs of the customer, but also facilitate this data loop so that marketers can learn more about user intent and better understand what their customers want (and don’t want, d ‘elsewhere).

Better automation allows for better results

Sure, AI-powered chatbots have been around for a while, but it’s a whole other thing to have a conversational user experience. With Spectrm, brands can actually design that experience, choosing how chatbots handle different types of questions (from FAQs to personalized product recommendations). Additionally, these chatbots are proactive: they can start conversations earlier in the marketing funnel, instead of just reacting when a customer has a query. Finally, one of the best ways to improve customer relationships is to provide responses to customers’ favorite moments in high-intent moments, whatever the time, which is facilitated by automation.

Socialize on Facebook Messenger

On that note, one of the best channels for chatbot success are Facebook Messenger. With only 8% of brands leveraging Messenger as a growth channel, smart marketers will seize this opportunity to engage new and existing customers on a platform they are already comfortable on. Engaging on Messenger isn’t just a fun thing to have. First-Party Data Customization is essential in a digital landscape where Google Chrome (which represents 60% of the browser market share) is delete cookies. More, Apple iOS 14 is already on 75% of Apple devices, giving users more control over their data and privacy.

Sneak into Instagram’s DMs

Instagram is another channel where customers spend a lot of time, and they also want to chat with your brand. It’s where customers discover new products, learn more by asking questions, and connect with brands, influencers, and friends. Over 200 million users visit a business profile at least once a day, underscoring the urgency of automate direct messages from your business profile. Even the most successful social media strategy can’t leverage the first-party data opportunity that a chatbot can. By automating your Instagram DMs, you engage customers at their highest moment of intent, with helpful, highly personalized experiences that drive sales.

Data straight from the source

The majority of marketers already agree that first-party data is key to understanding consumer demand and driving continued growth. When analyzing your company’s technology, consider success Spectrum has already worked with some of the biggest global brands. Testimonials from companies such as Purple, Ford, Groupon, Telekom and more attest to the power of Spectrm’s conversational marketing platform. Get started with a demo today to see if you’re next.

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