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Building Brands with Customer-Centric Marketing Strategies, Marketing & Advertising News, ET BrandEquity

Building Brands with Customer-Centric Marketing Strategies, Marketing & Advertising News, ET BrandEquity

Building brands with customer-centric marketing strategies

Customer-at-heart. Customer focused. Customer obsessed. These may just sound like buzzwords to describe today’s trading strategies, but they are phenomena that have been around for a long time. Defined as an approach to marketing that prioritizes the needs and interests of customers in all decisions related to advertising, selling, and promoting products and services, a customer-centric strategy requires a deep understanding of customers. , their needs and what the brand offers them. . Today, all categories design product and marketing strategies with customers at the center of their concerns.

Multiple reports have proven that brands with a customer-centric approach drive higher ROI, sustainable growth, and increased profitability. Today, there is an increased demand for marketers who can navigate this industry-wide transformation. ‘customer success‘ has been ranked among the best emerging jobs for 2021, according to LinkedInand the demand for this role is increasing year on year by 95%.

Great Learning, a leading global education technology company, in collaboration with Wharton online announced an online certificate program in Customer-centric marketing strategy. In this 10-week online program led by Professor Peter S. Fader, a world-renowned academic and expert in behavioral data analysis, professionals learn to design and develop strategies that improve acquisition, retention and customer development and create a competitive advantage for any business.

An industry-tailored program with the Wharton advantage, the program will begin with a team simulation of a customer-centric marketing strategy and conclude with a summary project. Attendees will also have the opportunity to network and develop new perspectives with peer learners from around the world and attend mentorship sessions led by industry experts.

The course is designed to help learners radically develop ways to implement customer-focused strategies and drive business profitability. The program features a combination of learning methods that include small video lectures and live online classes from renowned Wharton professors, real industry use cases, simulation-based learning from Wharton Interactiveand reading materials for self-study.

Mid to senior level professionals such as Marketing and Brand Managers, Product Managers and Managers, Business and Business Leaders, E-Commerce and Sales Managers, customer relations, entrepreneurs and CXOs in a variety of industries, will derive immense value from this course. Upon successful completion of the program, applicants will receive a Certificate of Completion from Wharton Online.

To learn more about this program, see the brochure here.

Today, any brand with a customer-centric approach must focus on three major areas, namely customer success, Customer awareness, and Long Term Strategy. Being customer-centric involves more than generating leads and filling the sales pipeline. Instead, it’s about truly understanding the customer, being able to anticipate their wants, needs, and communication preferences, creating meaningful experiences, and building lasting relationships with them.

Now is a great time for business leaders and professionals in product, marketing, and customer experience to learn how to segment and prioritize customers, model customer lifetime value, retention, and customer experience. other value-driven metrics, and develop overall strategies and roadmaps to turn customers into passionate loyal followers.

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