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6 questions to ask your social media marketing agency

sarah barnett

Not all marketing agencies are created equal. Sarah Barnett provides six questions you can ask the agency before agreeing to hire them.

I know many brokers are looking to grow their social media presence in 2022, so I’ve put together a list of six questions you can ask the agency before agreeing to hire them.

How involved are you in the brokerage industry?

Your social media content should act as a bridge between what you know and what consumers want to know. This means that your agency needs to keep abreast of what’s happening in the industry by speaking regularly to aggregators, lenders, associations, and most importantly, brokers. If your agency knows who’s who and is regularly invited to speak at industry events and webinars, that’s a good sign that they’ll be able to pass on your subject matter expertise to your clients and ideal reference partners.

What input should I provide?

Before outsourcing to a marketing agency, find out what effort will be required on your part. For example, will they handle the ideation, creation, programming and publishing of content? Will they design a brand theme for you, or will you need to provide graphic design elements? Who handles audience building and engagement tasks? If you have to spoon feed the agency’s content ideas, they may not be able to free up as much time and space as youI love.

Are your editors based in Australia?

Your content should look like you on your best day, which will give people confidence that you are a competent professional. Bad grammar can undermine your credibility in an instant, and if your agency doesn’t use local writers, they may struggle to craft copy that fits your brand. Also, if the writers are overseas, they may not understand the Australian market context – itthere is nothing worse than a brokers social media content referencing “401(k) plans” and “real estate agents”!

What is your approach to marketing?


A good social media agency understands the difference between marketing a consumer good and marketing a professional service. What works well for a 20-year-old influencer wonnot be the best strategy for your brokerage business. The wrong kind of marketing can bring you the wrong kind of customer. For example, focusing on cashbacks may attract price-sensitive customers whoI’ll move on to the next shiny thing in a heartbeat.

Can I see your reviews?

The agency you choose should have a collection of verified reviews to back up any claims they have made. Testimonials are great, but you’ll never know if they’re several years old or if they’ve been selectively edited. By checking out their Google reviews, you’ll get a glimpse of what it’s like to work with them and how consistent they are in providing great service. You will also be able to see who has used their services and check the quality of their work.

Are you following the word?

Well, it’s actually something you can assess for yourself by checking out their website and social media profiles. See if the quality and tone of the content matches what you hope to achieve for your brand. How the agency manages its own online presence will tell you whether it knows its stuff…or not.

A final note on outsourcing

I came across this brilliant reminder recently:If you deprive yourself of outsourcing and your competitors don’t, you are bankrupt. – Lee Kuan Yew (ex-PM of Singapore).

While hiring a social media marketing agency can seem daunting, social media brokers don’t do everything themselves. Unless you have an in-house marketing resource, it’s a good idea to outsource a lot of the tedious work to free yourself up from high-return activities.

6 questions to ask your social media marketing agency

sarah barnet

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Last update: March 09, 2022

Posted: February 03, 2022

sarah barnet

Sarah Barnett

Sarah Barnett


Sarah Barnett is chief content officer and co-founder of marketing solutions provider Social Broker, which targets busy finance and legal professionals who want to get noticed online.