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12 local marketing tactics to attract more customers this holiday season

Business competition becomes fierce during the holiday season. This means that your marketing game needs to be on point if you want to upstage your competitors and attract more customers during this busy time of year, especially if you’re a small to medium-sized business with a limited budget.

To help you get started, 12 professionals from the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) answered the following question:

“What is one local marketing tactic that small businesses can use to attract more customers during the holiday season? Why is this an effective approach? »

Here are some of the methods they believe can take your vacation marketing to new heights.

1. Share your GMB ad content

“An often overlooked local marketing tactic that small and medium businesses can use to attract more customers is to share content (special offers, videos, images, etc.) from their Google My Business (GMB) listing. Google posts can increase your visibility in Google searches, appear in Google Discover (over 800 million users) and are now also displayed prominently in the “Explore” tab of the Google Maps app. ~ Kevin Getch, Webfor

2. Contact local influencers

“Contact local influencers for campaigns. Meet people who organize events and run small organizations such as charities, moms groups, hobby groups and many more in your community. Of course, what you’re selling has to be valuable to those influencers and, by extension, those you want to reach. If they like your product, others will buy too. The results can be pleasantly surprising if done right. ~ Samuel Timothy, OneIMS

3. Get a stall at a local Christmas market

“Depending on the company, some businesses can be successful by getting a stall at one of the local Christmas markets. Many cities will do one or even more than one and it’s a great time to meet the community face-to-face while selling your wares. » ~ Andy Karuza,

4. Send newsletters by e-mail

“You can use email newsletters to connect with your local audience and increase your conversions and sales during the holiday season. Email marketing is an effective way to reach your customers so you can sell products, promote offers and more. ~ Stephanie Wells, Formidable shapes

5. Offer “parts” of your product or service for free

“A local marketing tactic is to give away ‘pieces’ of your product or service for free. Let people try a piece for free. The “free” will attract them and after using it, they will want to move on to find out more. From there you can log in and sell. ~ Lisa Collum, Best score writing

6. Create a Holiday Party Approach

“Companies should create a festive approach during the holiday season. This should be reflected in their marketing but should also be amplified in their physical and online stores. It means going beyond holiday decor. It also means music, freebies, hot apple cider, and candy for all customers who enter. ~ Baruch Labunski, Secure rank

7. Offer interactive photo ops

“Try offering photo ops. Someone from holographic Santa? which is great for brand awareness. Track hashtags and brand interactions with offers or provide exclusive content to those who interact in person. It’s effective because you don’t ask for anything. ~ Matthew Capala, Alphametic

8. Collaborate with other local businesses

“You can try collaborating with local businesses to cross-promote each other’s brands. Suppose you have a clothing store and collaborate with a cafe. You can give a free coffee coupon from this store to your customers every time they buy from you. The cafe can also do the same by giving their customers a discount coupon for your clothing store. It helps you attract leads. ~ Thomas Griffin, OptinMonster

9. Leverage a word-of-mouth strategy

“No marketing strategy can work better than word of mouth. So, try to take advantage of it to maximize your profits. For that, you have to focus on quality. This is not only for your products, but also for customer service. If people are happy with your business, they will definitely tell others about it. ~ Josh Kohlbach, Wholesale Continued

10. Use geolocation ads on social media

“Location-based ads on social media are a great way to reach more local customers during the holiday season. When you set geolocation settings, you can choose who sees your ad based on their location and preferences. This strategy gives you the freedom to create unique offers for people who live near your business, which could definitely generate more sales. » ~ Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights

11. Get involved in community events

“An important way for small businesses and local businesses to attract more customers is to get involved in the community. People enjoy group events and family gatherings during the holidays. By being part of a local charity event or other attraction, you will earn the goodwill of your audience. This will lead to greater loyalty and bring more customers to your doorstep. ~ Syed Balkhi, WPBeginner

12. Use Google’s Local Inventory Ads Feature

“One local marketing tactic that I recommend is Google’s new local inventory ads feature. When people search for a product, Google displays ads with the top three companies carrying that product and their exact location. Often people are searching for the product they are looking for, including the phrase “near me”, so when you use this feature, you can drive more visits to your store.” ~ Benjamin Rojas, All in one SEO

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