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10 ways to use AI in corporate social media strategy

10 ways to use AI in corporate social media strategy

AI has proven to be a boon for marketers to carry out successful social media strategies for businesses

Artificial intelligence has opened up a myriad of opportunities in almost every field, and social media is no different. In this ever-changing ecosystem of social media platforms, it has become quite difficult for brands to collect authentic data and create creative campaigns that will attract their target audience to their services. Recently, the industry has witnessed mass digital transformation initiatives with the adoption of AI and machine learning to accelerate business growth and increase customer satisfaction. The technology has the potential to transform the way brands market on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. AI allows social media marketers to know their audience and understand their preferences, it also allows them to better target their advertisements and create trending and creative content. The need to AI in business has exceeded to a large extent. In this article, we’ve listed some of the best ways leaders can use AI in social media marketing to promote their businesses.

Achieve better customer intelligence

The first step in promoting a service or product is finding out how to understand the customer’s background, their needs and wants, and what exactly they are looking for. The combination of AI and machine learning can help leaders gather this critical data and get more accurate results to build their social media campaigns.

Content creation and targeting

AI can help businesses create innovative content for social media and also help them manage distribution and targeting effectively. Advertising and marketing professionals can use various AI-powered tools to recognize content and generate relevant social media posts for audiences.

Refine the visual content strategy

It is a known fact that using more videos and images in a social media campaign or post will attract more audience than usual. Therefore, marketers can use the visual intelligence provided by AI marketing tools, analyze trends and create better converting content. They can also power their content based on the accurate data collected and maximize their social media engagement, reach, and brand growth.

Automation in social media management

Startups and most modern businesses usually depend on social media platforms to improve their brand visibility and spread awareness of their products and services. Thus, marketers must constantly keep in mind the latest trends and updates they receive on each platform while constantly publishing good quality content. Although it can sometimes become difficult, the integration of AI-powered social media management tools can automate this task and also strengthen their influence by working to showcase the creativity of the brand.

Use of competitor analysis and social listening

It is not always enough to understand who the real competitors are. So, to gain an edge over competitors, marketers can use AI to analyze social media strategies, inspect what competitors are doing, find out how to do it better than them. Companies can also avoid the pitfalls faced by their competitors by analyzing these content marketing mistakes.

Combining AI and AR for Marketing

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are two of the most crucial technologies that can increase business sales. With AR, marketers can offer virtual try-on experiences to customers on social media platforms. Companies like Facebook and Instagram are already working on adding trial features to make shopping on social media even more lucrative.

Automation of publishing and content planning

AI-powered social media content planning and publishing tools allow users to plan and create content in advance and schedule its publication later. Social media marketers tend to manage multiple social media accounts. Therefore, using an automated and advanced content scheduling and publishing tool can help them in a number of ways. These tools will allow users to add photos, tags, captions and post messages on time.

AI influencer marketing

Humans have always loved recommendations, product reviews, and analytics from influencers that are genuine to them. Partnering with the right influencers has always paid off for businesses. But these campaigns can be even more successful if the services are promoted by AI influencers. AI influencers automatically understand business needs, what competitors are doing and how it can improve company brand awareness.

Improve personalization with chatbots

More followers means more revenue, but it also means spending even more time getting their attention. Powerful customer support and personalized customer experiences are some of the key benefits marketers can leverage for their brands using artificial intelligence. Integrating AI-powered chatbots could be the ideal choice to improve personalization of business processes and attract more audiences.

Accurately analyze campaign results and customer feedback

Most social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, provide their own analytics to help track user engagement and identify their top performing posts and hashtags. Marketers can use these tools to identify when audiences were most active on the platform and who interacted the most with content. Such AI-powered tools would allow marketers to understand the mistakes and failed attempts of the latest marketing efforts and offer a change of course for the next one.

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